Sunshine within…

God allowed me to be born into the ideal Hindu home where understanding and following Hindu scriptures are taught. My spiritual journey started 25 years ago when my maternal grandfather took me to various “SATSANGS” as he was very spiritual and had a good understanding of Hindu scriptures. He set impeccable examples for me to observe and follow. There was nothing in it for me then to understand as a child but as my realm grew, my curiosity was growing simultaneously and by the time the transition from a child to a teenager to a man took place, I felt, understood, experienced and learned about God, God’s grace, forgiveness, patience, and love. I sensed the unifying experience into the path of my own spiritual consciousness.

This spiritual world attracted me besides my filmmaking career. During that time, I met a lot of eminent religious leaders, saints and people with immense knowledge, but felt many were involved in materialistic gains to grow their spiritual empire which failed to deal with my curiosity and answer my questions to find the truth.

The constant search to find the truth and my constant “Shakti Sadhana” which purified me, helped me to find what I have always been looking for; a simple, divine enlightened “Sadhguru”. He was the one whom I had visited with my grandfather as a child but never knew I will find him again where my search will end. I feel so blessed to have such easy access with him and sometimes I feel should have stayed back as a child with him then to get clarity what I was seeking for years. But as fate has its own plans and it required me to go through a lot of experiences to prepare myself for years, before I could develop the maturity to understand him which of course was incapable then.
I could now sit near his lotus feet to experience enlightenment and his divine voice which makes me happy as well as peaceful every day when I hear his audios. I continue to ruminate on the learnings and insights gleaned from teachers like Sadhguru.

I want to share the same divine, supreme and blissful experience with everyone which it took for me so many years to find. Also, I feel my purpose in life is to share the joy and the treasure that I have got after realising the truth from my Sadhguru with everyone.

Feel the Inner Spiritual Beauty!

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